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Management: IT management

Duration: 6 semesters

Professional title awarded with the qualification: bachelor (baccalaureus) of economy (bacc.oec.)

The undergraduate professional study Management, IT management is intended for education of managers for lower and middle management functions in business IT systems. The professional study consists of six semesters. Students are offered a high degree of mobility through the choice of program content of studies according to students` affinities while retaining the range of professional knowledge provided by the program core of the study.

General competences that students acquire by completing the studies are abilities to solve problems, analyse, synthesize and evaluate, independently learn, research literature, work as team member, plan and organize, possess numerical and informational literacy, develop oral and written business communication and ability to negotiate on the subject in mother tongue and at least two foreign languages, think creatively and critically, generate new ideas, manage time and fulfil tasks and plans in a set time.

During the studies, students acquire specific knowledge, skills and competences related to management of departments, processes and jobs at lower and middle level of management in enterprises, especially linked to IT project management activities, business information systems` implementation, database design, documentation and application integration, modelling, transforming and improving business processes, adapting and implementing information systems, developing computer programs, collaborating and communicating through information technology, managing IT services, managing project development and implementing application solutions taking into account the environment in which the company operates through legitimate business and respect for human rights.


Expected learning outcomes

  1. To apply and link economic terms in more complex written and oral communication in Croatian and foreign languages
  2. To organize and lead team work, and critically judge the opinions and attitudes of team members
  3. To individually and responsibly search relevant literature for reaching solutions and conclusions in Croatian and foreign languages
  4. To collect, calculate and graphically display statistical data from the field of economics and business by using advanced sofware tools and further comment and analyze them
  5. To use planning, organizing, management and control methods on practical examples, analyze the problem and propose appropriate solutions to problem situations
  6. To analyze and link basic concepts and apply content related to the area of economics, management, accounting, and finance
  7. To interpret business and financial reports and propose solutions to improve financial performance and profitability
  8. To interpret, solve and / or graphically present solutions in the fields of maths, statistics and information technology and apply their methods and techniques in analyzing economic problems by using advanced sofware tools
  9. To link basic terms and apply contents related to the area of law for the preparation of legal acts (contracts, rulebook) connected to a company or organization
  10. To develop team and interpersonal teamwork skills, master communication skills and presentation skills of set topics and tasks (case studies, projects, seminars) using advanced software tools for document creation, presentation and budget implementation
  11. To understand specific human resource management processes and propose a proper value system in judgment process and assessment of work achievements and performances
  12. To design and economically valorize entrepreneurial ideas, events, projects, products and services in the team and present them
  13. To analyze new roles of organizations, systems, processes, products and services and quality standards in companies and propose valorisation of new trends in companies and organizations
  14. To support and apply: ethical principles, principles of environmental protection, as well as legal regulations and norms that are applicable to information technologies
  15. To apply key aspects of information technologies (programming, algorithms, data structures, databases and project management in the field of information technologies)
  16. To link activities of business process modelling with the activities of designing, building and maintaining the information system according to the needs of the client and user
  17. To interpret mechanisms for the control of: data flow, errors and fragmentation, data transfer multiplexing methods using routing methods in computer networks; as well as to configure and maintain active network devices
  18. To know the processor architecture, memory, and input-output components of computers, as well as their advantages and limitations, and to evaluate which changes to hardware and the operating system can best improve computer performance for certain types of tasks
  19. To evaluate database design in accordance with business requirements, as well as to install and apply tools for managing databases
  20. To recognize and rank security threats, as well as to select and apply appropriate countermeasures to protect the information system
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