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Duration: 6 semesters

Professional title awarded with the qualification: bachelor (baccalaureus) engineer of traffic (

The programme of undergraduate study in Traffic is oriented towards professional requests of engineers in traffic. The study offers technical, technological and organizational education necessary for conducting traffic processes, management of equipment and materials, practical application of modern technologies in the organization of transport with the aim of reaching optimal technical, technological and economical effects with protection of environment. The bacis aim of education is to define and analyze theoretical, technical, technological and practical solutions of contemporary transport technologies and systems, logistics of optimal solutions in traffic processes that consequently all make a base for successful realization of traffic processes.


Expected learning outcomes

  1. To apply and link professional terms from technology and organization of road traffic in written and oral communication with the professional public in Croatian and English
  2. To organize and implement team work, and critically judge the opinions and attitudes of team members
  3. To individually and responsibly search, interpret and integrate the relevant literature needed to make decisions
  4. To apply knowledge from the field of natural and technical sciences to problems in road traffic
  5. To apply basic legal and economic principles in organization with socially responsible management in technical-technological subjects
  6. To analyze and present relevant facts from the field of traffic needed to reach conclusions
  7. To apply computer tools for analysis and comparison of data, and suggest an optimal solution in traffic process
  8. To solve problems in traffic by using analytical and / or graphical methods
  9. To assess and organize processes in the area of road traffic and / or traffic logistics
  10. To compare and choose technical and technological solutions in traffic and / or goods flows
  11. To identify, predict and propose solutions in road traffic technology and technique
  12. To set up a minor traffic process and critically evaluate it
  13. To track trends in the development of technique, technology and safety in traffic
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Syllabus study of traffic academic year 2022 2023 pdf 21.80 MB
Syllabus study of traffic academic year 2021 2022 pdf 21.80 MB
Syllabus study of traffic academic year 2020 2021 pdf 20.63 MB
SOT syllabus academic year 2019/2020 en pdf 20.05 MB
DECISION on the enrollment quota for undergraduate professional studies at the Polytechnic of Šibenik in the academic year 2020/2021 pdf 65.78 KB
Proposal for a DECISION on the criteria for enrollment in undergraduate professional studies at the Polytechnic of Šibenik in ac. year 2020/2021 pdf 91.01 KB
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