Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

The Polytechnic of Šibenik is the right choice for quality studying.

The Polytechnic of Šibenik is a Higher Education Institution, first established in 2006 and since then we have been educating students in the fields of social and technical sciences. Students will learn to think critically, communicate successfully, make decisions, run businesses efficiently and manage development of local and national community. Lectures at professional studies are held according to standards of Bologna and will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to find employment.

Students have classical lectures and active participation in field work, study tours, project and team work with e-learning. With mentors` supervision and help, students are actively involved into writing scientific papers and participation at scientific and professional conferences. The Polytechnic institutionally provides practice in local partner institutions of administration and self-government and economic subjects in the county.

With the introduction of the Bologna process in the higher education sector we have been trying to adapt to our students` needs by assuring the best conditions for quality studying in terms of improvement of study programmes, human resources, infrastructure and the latest technical equipment. Students have access to the best standards of studying ranging from students` dormitory, library to the new restaurant, psychological and career development counselling. Furthermore, they can participate in sport activities and competitions in the country and worldwide.

The objective of the Polytechnic is successful integration in the European educational space. We have therefore introduced internationally accepted norms and educational standard (ESG, ISO 9001:2015) in our activities. Investment in our programmes, human and material resources has led to our programmes being recognized in all Croatia with the wish to open new horizons and international exchange of students and teachers.