Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Duration: 6 semesters 
Professional title awarded with the qualification: bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of nursing (bacc.med.tech.)
The qualification obtained at the end of the Nursing study programme gives access to a regulated profession in Croatia: general care nurse
After completing the studies, bachelor's degree holders will be trained to perform the following jobs and tasks in the field of health care:

  • implementation of nursing practice based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biology, biophysics, public health, pathology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and microbiology and other biomedical fields, as well as statistics and informatics necessary for defining, analyzing and proposing procedures in biomedicine and healthcare
  • application of professional, ethical and legislative regulations in the field of health care while respecting the principles of holistic nursing care
  • assessment of the patient's/client's condition using all tools and aids, including all factors (physical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual and environmental)
  • data collection, recognition and interpretation of patients' conditions that deviate from normal, and on the basis of the collected data, assessment and establishment of nursing diagnosis
  • planning, application and evaluation of appropriate and individualized health care in cooperation with the patient/client, caregivers, family and other health professionals and team members
  • providing health care aimed at meeting basic human needs to patients/clients of all ages with various health problems, taking into account cultural, social and economic aspects
  • critical judgment, evaluation and interpretation of scientific evidence when introducing it into practice in order to ensure high-quality care
  • organization and implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures independently or in a team
  • recognition of life-threatening conditions and implementation of interventions in accordance with competencies
  • education and undertaking activities aimed at preserving the health, well-being and comfort of individuals, families, groups and communities whose health is threatened by illness, damage or death
  • creation of activities and participation in procedures/actions in the promotion of health and protection against diseases of the individual, family and community
  • monitoring human growth and development through all life cycles in health and illness and undertaking activities that contribute to their improvement.
  • application of the skills and techniques of appropriate communication in the native or foreign language in the education of the individual, family and community and when cooperating with other team members
  • assessment of needs and active participation in various projects with the aim of improving and ensuring standards of nursing practice with continuous evaluation, and for rational management of material and non-material resources
  • participation in the education of nurses and other health professionals/ and/or associates
  • application of modern information and communication technology in written, spoken and electronic form


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