Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Duration: 6 semesters

Professional title awarded with the qualification: bachelor (baccalaureus) of public administration (bacc.admin.publ.)

Undergraduate Professional Study Administrative Law provides a high level of administrative education needed to handle complex issues of legal private and public nature in which legal relationships of a different degree of complexity are met and resolved and provides the basis for educating experts of the administrative law profile.

Candidates of this study correspond with their profile to the needs of modernization of the greatest portion of professional staff in state administration, public services, justice system and economic subjects

The professional undergraduate study has 6 semesters. The first two years (4 semesters) are the basic administrative education. In the fifth semester students are taught specialist subjects and in the sixth semester they perform professional training and prepare final paper.


Expected learning outcomes

  1. To link the basic concepts of different branches of the law and to generalize issues of work in public administration
  2. To analyze the interference of international, European and national law
  3. To analyze and critically evaluate the structure and functioning of the government of the Republic of Croatia and the structure, bodies as well as the functioning of the European Union, and to evaluate trends in the modern development of public administration
  4. To analyze the impact of social processes on constitutional and administrative systems, in particular of the process of globalization, Euro-integration, transition, urbanization, regionalization and decentralization
  5. To manage the human resources, office operations and various administrative processes and to establish the communication with different users of public services
  6. To evaluate how the effects of the activities of bodies and organizations of public administration and other authorities at different levels interfere with the lives of the citizens
  7. To analyze and to apply the basic rules in the field of IT administrative law and statistics on solving the expert problems in the area of ​​public administration
  8. To use and to develop the complex written and oral communication in Croatian and English language
  9. To use specific computer skills in basic and advanced program packages for work in public administration
  10. To organize and to implement a team work and to critically evaluate the opinions and attitudes of team members
  11. To explore, interpret and apply the relevant literature as well as the proper legal rules for drafting and issuing regulations and acts in administrative and other legal proceedings, administrative disputes and different actions of bodies of the state authority like administrative bodies and organizations, utility companies and other public institutions
  12. To draft acts and submission and to undertake basic procedural actions in the administrative and other legal proceedings and disputes
  13. To anticipate the future development at different levels of national constitutional arrangement and the administrative system