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Quality Assurance at the Polytechnic of Šibenik presents a set of systematic activities of monitoring and evaluating all activities of the higher education institution aiming at determining the achieved quality level of the activities at the Polytechnic and the quality of the achieved results.


The Quality Assurance System was formally established in 2011. Today, the system is fully aligned with the current regulation and is based on the basic documentation that is integrated and compliant with the requirements of the document: Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurancein the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and ISO 9001:2015 for which a certificate was issued from the certification company SGS Adriatica.

The Polytechnic of Šibenik defines its mission and vision as the fundamental determinants of action and development. The mission of the Polytechnic is: "Through quality study programs and scientific work at the highest level of quality and excellence, we educate independent, reliable and socially responsible holders of the future development of the local, national and international community. The Polytechnic of Šibenik should become the central place of education and knowledge of both the City and the County, from which all innovations and scientific programs in cooperation with the local economy and local government will be initiated.“ The vision is: "The Polytechnic of Šibenik will be integrated with other higher education institutions in the country and international environment, and a reliable partner for the economy and students. The Polytechnic will apply internationally recognized standards and norms for its activities and will continually improve study programs, projects and employees."

In order to achieve the mission and vision of crucial importance is Quality Policy and the basis for realization of Quality Policy at the Polytechnic of Šibenik is the Program of Work and Development (Strategy) of the Polytechnic of Šibenik for the Period 2017-2025.


With Quality Policy the Polytechnic of Šibenik is determined to:

1. Establish, maintain and permanently improve the quality management system in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurancein the European Higher Education Area (ESGs), the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, the Bologna Principles of Higher Education, legal provisions and requirements relating to scientific activity and higher education in the Republic of Croatia;

2. Monitor and accept the guidelines in the international and national space of higher education, scientific and professional work and lifelong learning;

3. Develop continuously quality culture by ensuring that all activities carried out at the Polytechnic should be in the function of continuous testing and strengthening the satisfaction of all stakeholders (students, employees, economic and social community);

4. Modernize continuously study programs in accordance with the needs of the economy and in order to improve established processes;

5. Establish two-way communication with economic entities in order to permanently align competences and expected students` learning outcomes to improve their employability and to involve renowned experts in order to valorise the profession and raise the attractiveness of studies;

6. Ensure quality teaching and professional-administrative staff and develop employees` competences through continuous improvement as well as to provide quality working conditions that motivate strong individual and team contributions to meet the goals and achieve the vision of the Polytechnic;

7. Ensure transparency of work and promote ethics, independence and impartiality in the work by adopting and applying normative acts and documents of quality management system;

8. Perform responsible financial business aimed at developing Polytechnic through the improvement of standards of study, professional and scientific work, student standards and working conditions of employees;

9. Network with other institutions of higher education in Croatia and in the European area of higher education and in the international environment by encouraging student and teacher mobility and to launch joint professional and scientific projects.