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From the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021 the Polytechnic of Šibenik has implemented the BUDDY PROGRAM. The Buddy program is a student friendly program for international students in Šibenik (ERASMUS and CEEPUS students) who would like to meet someone to help them during their stay in the City of Šibenik.


Buddy student is a student of the Polytechnic of Šibenik who decided as a volunteer to dedicate part of his/her time to help an international student feel welcomed and like at home at the Polytechnic of Šibenik and in the City of Šibenik. According to the motto of the student organization Erasmus Student Network (ESN) "Students help students" a Buddy student is a patient person, who can listen and loves helping others.

By joining the student Buddy program you can meet new people, socialize with people of other cultures and customs, improve your English (or even learn a new foreign language), introduce others to your own customs and lifestyle, and socialize and have fun after student commitments. Finally, for participating a Buddy student will receive a certificate of participation in this program and a small award as appreciation from the Polytechnic of Šibenik.

A Buddy student helps one or more international exchange students to establish social contacts from day one, which will help them in their academic and personal stay at the Polytechnic of Šibenik. A Buddy student`s assignments are to:

  • welcome an international student at the airport, bus or train station,
  • welcome or escort an international student to the dormitory on his/her first arrival,
  • show the way to the Polytechnic of Šibenik, and introduce students to the Polytechnic (lecture halls, cabinets, administrative services, website),
  • show the student restaurant,
  • show the City of Šibenik (tourist and cultural sights),
  • introduce students to other international students,
  • to acquaint students with places for socializing in the city.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, we have a few simple guidelines:

  • local Buddy and international students should exchange contacts before arrival and acquaintance (mobile phone number, e-mail, social networks),
  • the local Buddy student should be able, at the request of the guest, provide support for at least 15 minutes a week (based on a mutually agreed time) in the form of a joint meeting,
  • during the entire stay, the local Buddy student should take the guest to at least one social event (entertainment, sightseeing, excursion, etc.).

At the end of each semester, participants (local Buddy and international students) are asked to evaluate their experience through an electronic survey to give feedback to those responsible for improvements for the next academic year.


Contact for student Buddy program:

Edi Luketa

e-mail: eluketa@vus.hr